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Our unique combination of standard enterprise-level features, proprietary technologies and extensive services grant you an unparalleled level of flexibility and support to reach you near- and long-term marketing goals. Whether your email campaigns are designed to be cross-channel, tranasctional, or multi-step lifecycle programs, our services and support teams will keep you free from the worry of escalating fees, data integration limitations or deliverability problems.

Email Marketing Integration

Streamline your marketing with our smart message delivery. Automate your email campaigns with triggered emails and advanced segmentation. Convert social posts into emails. Increase engagement with video integration.
All the tools you need, at a fraction of the price!

Increase Engagement by Adding Video, Surveys!

Mass Marketing functionality allows you to update a professionally designed templates with new images, videos, RSS feeds and surveys.
Always we add a new design value.

Retarget Your Most Engaged Subscribers

Our advanced segmentation options allow you to retarget your most engaged subscribers by creating new lists from unique openers and unique clickers

Great Designs Make for a Captive Audience

Whatever your business needs, we have hundreds of email templates just waiting to be filled with your text, ideas and brand colors. Each template is designed to make your message pop and to be mobile-friendly, with no HTML coding know-how required.

Social Connections

If you love sending email and scheduling posts on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can do that with all-in-one solution. Add social share buttons to your emails to track Likes. To easily grow your list, include a sign-up form on your Facebook page to turn existing fans into email contacts.

Confident Sending

When you work hard on a message, you want it reach the inbox. That’s why email sent through doesn’t take detours: your messages don’t fall into spam traps or earn you a spot on Internet service provider blacklists. We get your email through when other service providers can’t. For additional confidence, we provide tracking data for your messages, so you can see our great email delivery in action.


Metrics allows Mass Marketing to Track open and click through rates on your email campaigns. As your opens and clicks come in, we record this information into neat and helpful reports. With this you can find out how many of your recipients have opened your message and which recipients they were. Also you can find out how many and which recipients click on a particular URL link you may have in your message. Mass Marketing can generate your reports as a PDF File or CSV File, which can be easily saved, printed or emailed.

Email Designs

We have lots of designs upon your needs


A Landing page with Facebook Pixel Code, Open Graph and Basic Google SEO is included




Pricing table with four columns and solid color background.


$ 700
Per Campaign
  • 50.000 Email


$ 1250
Per Campaign
  • 100.000 Email


$ 1800
Per Campaign
  • 150.000 Email


$ 2800
Per Campaign
  • 250.000 Email