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Facebook advertising reaches more people than 12 Super Bowl audiences combined.

Every. Single. Day.

You know your customers. We know Facebook.

Our team of Facebook advertising experts completely manages your acquisition and retargeting from Facebook so that you can focus on your business.



Develop long-term growth plans that are driven by down-funnel KPIs and improve ROI from Facebook

Placement & Ad 

Allocate and optimize spend across Facebook and Audience Network to locate your most responsive audiences


Improve existing creative and test new ad types without heavy lifting from your design resources

not Reporting

Perform deep analysis and extract statistically relevant trends to test and optimize against

How is Ghali different than every other agency?

  • We Were There First

    Your team would be comprised of experts that have been running Facebook ads since day one on the right hand rail and to this day, we stay at the forefront of Facebook ad and API rollouts.

  • You’re Never in the Dark

    Transparency should be a given in an agency relationship. You’ll always know where every dollar is spent and what you’re getting in return.

  • Outsourced In-House Team

    We get ingrained in your business just like any other employee and learn the nitty gritty to create the best plan for your acquisition and retargeting strategy.

  • Direct Response Only

    We’ve always focused exclusively on direct response on Facebook and related channels – longer than any other agency. “Like” campaigns? Not our thing.

  • In-Depth Analysis

    You’ll get deeper analysis, not only to adjust your direct response advertising for better optimization, but to also drive more business.

  • Cross Vertical Knowledge

    Since we work within a number of verticals, we apply what we’ve learned to your efforts, providing a steady stream of new audience and creative ideas.



Place Your Order

Share your project requirements with our dedicated team of experts.

Assign Team

Dedicated team of designers, developers & managers will be marked on your brand.

Coordinate with Team

Coordinate with the team – anytime, delivering the results you desire.

Final Product

Get the desired quality projects on time & without any hassle.

Our Samples Of Facebook Ad Designs


We'll give you a feedback within 48 hours working day for what's good and suitable for your social Ad, including ways of advertising, timeline, locations and more, to get maximum benefit of advertising your brand on any of social channels

We'll send you some of payment gatways to choose the best way for you to pay

We start building and developing your Ads, following you day by day with every update

Simply .. Your Extreme Satisfaction